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    Richmond Mill Lake is located in the state of , in the Scotland County, NC. 

    This lake has a surface area of about 142 acres.


    A Guide to Richmond Mill Lake NC

    Whether you’re interested in fishing, boating, or simply enjoying the quiet life in a small town, Richmond Mill Lake NC is the place to go. With its easy access to shopping, dining, and the Hamlet Depot and Museum, you’ll find plenty of ways to spend your days. Plus, you can always take the time to enjoy a quiet walk along the waterfront, visit the museum, or even try quail hunting.


    Located in Southern North Carolina, Richmond Mill Lake is a 120 acre body of water owned by the Morgan Company. This is one of the best fishing lakes in the nation, offering some of the best largemouth bass fishing.

    Fishing for the largemouth bass is the primary draw. Richmond Mill is an excellent fishing lake that has a good selection of sportfishing. There are also some great striped bass fishing opportunities. The lake is also well known for its bluegill fishing.

    Richmond Mill is owned by Jim Morgan, who also owns the King Fisher Society. The King Fisher Society is a fishing and hunting resort that is located near Laurel Hill, North Carolina. The lodge is also a top-shelf dining facility and offers fishing packages.

    The lodge is also a great place to hold a wedding. It has been used for Old South weddings. It also has a fine wine cellar and cigar room. The lodge also hosts some great jazz music events.

    This is the perfect place to spend some quality time with family and friends. Richmond Mill has miles of walking paths and is surrounded by three thousand acres of private forest. The lake has been strategically managed. There is also a fishing guide available to help guests catch fish.

    Richmond Mill has a long history and is one of the best fishing lakes in the country. There are plenty of places to catch fish, but you will want to consult local resources before heading out.


    Located in Southern North Carolina, Richmond Mill is a 120 acre manmade lake that is home to some of the best largemouth bass fishing in the state. The fish are not only big, but fast, too. You can rent a tube, tritoon, or ski at the Signal Ridge Marina.

    The lake is patrolled by the NC Department of Natural Resources, making it one of the safest waters in the state. The state boasts more than 300,000 registered vessels. As such, fishing is one of the state’s favorite past times. Richmond Mill is also home to a plethora of species including the elusive golden eagle and quail. You can book a guided tour of the aforementioned flora and fauna to learn more about the area’s history and wildlife.

    In the world of boating, Richmond Mill may not be the first name that comes to mind, but it’s no doubt that the aforementioned lake deserves a mention. Richmond Mill is a prime example of the modern fisheries management that has overcome some of the more arduous challenges associated with high flow rates and acidic conditions.

    The Signal Ridge Marina offers rentals of tubes, tritoons, and skis as well as a multitude of fishing options. You can also rent a boat or two from the aforementioned marina. Richmond Mill is also home to some of the best eel fishing in the state.

    Quail hunting

    Located in Southern North Carolina, Richmond Mill Lake is a 120-acre refuge, which is home to some of the world’s best bluegill fishing. The lake was impound in 1835. In 2005, the lake was refilled and restocked with coppernose bluegill.

    Richmond Mill Lake is owned by Jim Morgan of Laurel Hill, North Carolina. The lodge is stocked with fine wines and cigars and offers gourmet meals. The lodge also provides lodging on the lake.

    A short drive south of Pinehurst, N.C., the King Fisher Society offers quail hunting, sporting clays, falconry demonstrations, and other outdoor education classes. The Society’s present incarnation is rooted in the vision of Jim Morgan Jr. – a Confederate veteran and self-described bird lover.

    The King Fisher Society is located 32 miles south of Pinehurst. The Society’s sandhills quail hunting season begins October through March. It is open to hunters with a valid hunting license from any state.

    The King Fisher Society offers falconry demonstrations and bobwhite quail classes. It also offers sporting clays from a 5-stand facility. The facility also offers guided and semi-guided hunts, as well as lodging.

    Quail hunting at Pine Lake has been a longtime tradition for many clients. The Pine Lake Plantation is a private bird hunting preserve. It is home to some of the southeast’s finest quail hunting.

    The plantation is also home to a large number of well-trained dogs. The lodge is a great place to enjoy fine food and live jazz.

    Dining options

    Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly place to eat or a more elegant meal, Richmond, NC has a wide range of dining options. The city’s restaurants and eateries reflect the local charm and history of the area. Some of Richmond’s best restaurants include:

    The Daily offers a wide range of options for everyone in the family. The restaurant’s menu includes both vegetarian and gluten-free meals. They also offer a wide variety of lunch and brunch options. They even offer paleo options. The Daily also has a kid’s menu. They also offer a large selection of cocktails.

    The Daily also has two locations in Richmond. They are open for lunch and dinner. Their menu features a wide selection of organic, gluten-free, and health-conscious meals. They also have a wide variety of gluten-free pastas and pizzas. They have a great kids’ menu. They also have a wide selection of gluten-free and paleo cocktails.

    Lillie Pearl is a popular downtown restaurant. They have a variety of southern favorites. They offer pimento cheese-stuffed short rib egg rolls and fried Brussels sprouts. They see a steady crowd during brunch and dinner. They also serve fried chicken as a dinner entree. They also have a make-your-own salad bar. They also have a variety of cocktails and drinks.

    They have two locations in Richmond. They offer a variety of seafood. They also offer a large selection of upscale American food. The decor of their building is beautiful and the atmosphere is comfortable. The restaurant also features an outdoor patio. They also have award winning wines.

    Visit the Hamlet Depot and Museums

    Located in Richmond Mill Lake, NC, Hamlet Depot and Museums is a great place to get a glimpse into the past. They have a variety of unique exhibits and attractions. One of them is a life-size replica of a tornado steam engine.

    The old station was built in 1900 as a passenger terminal for the Seaboard Air Line Railroad. It was also a division headquarters. At the time, the Seaboard Railroad was the largest in the nation. In 1986, it was purchased by CSX Transportation. In the process, it laid off hundreds of workers and reduced passenger service.

    Hamlet has a lot to offer visitors, from a fully restored passenger depot to a museum highlighting the history of railroads. The depot is a National Historic Landmark and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

    It also has a train display, a luggage room, and a gorgeous lobby. It also has an HO model train that is set in 1952. There is also an interactive exhibit showing the inner workings of a train and some of the duties performed by railroad workers.

    The National Railroad Museum and Hall of Fame is a few minutes away and includes many interesting exhibits. It includes a model train display, news stories, and other artifacts of railroad history. They are also staffed by rotating train historians.

    They are open weekends only.

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