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    A Guide to Lake Townsend, NC

    guide to lake townsend nc

    During the summertime, there’s nothing better than spending your vacation on the lake. Whether you want to enjoy a day of fishing or a day of hiking, this lake town has plenty of activities to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, you’ll find what you’re looking for at this lake town in North Carolina.


    Located near Greensboro, North Carolina, Lake Townsend offers fishing and boating for all. The reservoir has over 1,500 acres of open water. It is home to a wide variety of fish, including bream/bluegill, carp, largemouth bass, and perch.

    Lake Townsend is a municipal reservoir that has been in operation since 1969. It is the largest of Greensboro’s three reservoirs. It is located on the north side of Greensboro and has a boat ramp and fishing pier. There is also a marina and sailing club at the lake. There are small sailboats available for rental.

    The marina at Lake Townsend is open six days a week. The marina has sailboats and rowboats for rental, as well as kayaks. There are also several picnic areas and hiking trails. There is also a nature center at Bur-Mil Park. There are also playgrounds and a swimming pool.

    Lake Townsend is located in northeast Greensboro, North Carolina. It has 34 miles of shoreline. It is an excellent destination for small craft boating, sailing, and fishing. There is a marina, boat rentals, fishing pier, and hiking trails. It is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the winter.

    Lake Townsend is open 8 am to 5 pm, and closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the fall, winter, and spring. The water level is lower than other lakes. It typically is near a full pool in the spring, but can drop up to seven feet in a severe dry spell.

    Lake Townsend offers fishing for largemouth bass, bluegill, chain pickerel, and channel catfish. Crappie are also available. A popular sport fish is striped bass. Other popular fish include hybrid striped bass, hybrid bluegill, and channel catfish. The lake is also home to yellow perch and redbreast sunfish.

    Lake Townsend is home to the Lake Townsend Yacht Club. They offer boat rentals and sailing classes during the summer. There are also several lake homes for sale. The average list price is $425,000. They also have a large boat ramp and a small sailboat launch ramp. There are restrooms and parking.

    The marina at Lake Townsend also has a rental fleet of small sailboats for rent. There are several lake homes for sale, as well as a beautiful market for lake homes.


    During the winter, Lake Townsend, NC provides a great opportunity for birdwatching. Common waterfowl are plentiful, but other species may be more difficult to find. This lake provides plenty of fishing opportunities for anglers, and the area is home to the Lake Townsend Yacht Club. You can also rent sailboats for a day, or sign up for sailing classes.

    In the spring, Lake Townsend is the site of the Townsend Spring Bass Tournament. The event is held every year in April. The event is run by a naturalist, who leads boat tours along the lake. A number of species are expected to be present, including Belted Kingfishers, Long-tailed Ducks, and Common Loons.

    While the lake itself isn’t very large, it’s home to several observation areas. These areas have spotting scopes for use, and are often used by birders studying the lake’s middle birds. You can also set up your own scope at any of the areas.

    The South Church Street Overlook is a great birding location, especially in the winter. In the spring and fall, you may be able to see some interesting species, such as the Eared Grebe, which nests in the brush along the edge of the causeway.

    The Great Blue Heron is one of the most common birds on the right side of the lake, while the Golden-crowned Kinglet may nest in the brush along the edge of the causeway. This is also a good location for birding in the summer, especially during migration.

    If you’re looking for a shorter hike, try the Peninsula Trail, which follows the western edge of the lake. It’s a short walk, and can be an enjoyable experience.

    The Yanceyville Street causeway on Lake Townsend is also a great birding location. You’ll find some interesting birds here after a strong easterly wind. This area is especially popular with sailors, who may be able to spot some interesting species in the water. If you’re not looking to sail, you can walk out on the fishing pier, and you’ll get a better view of the dam and the lake’s north shore.


    Whether you are in the mood to acquaint yourself with the lake and the surrounding area, or are in search of a quick weekend getaway, you’ll find a few things to see and do along the way. The Triangle has plenty to offer, and it’s a fun place to spend some time outdoors. You can even get your family’s name in lights by hiking the trails at Old Salem, a living history museum that recreates the life of a frontiersman in the 18th century.

    There are a number of other noteworthy hiking opportunities within close range. For instance, there are several state trails that pass through the heart of Piedmont country. If you are looking for a quick weekend jaunt, you might be interested in checking out the Osprey Trail, a 2.3 mile loop that skirts the shores of Lake Townsend. If you’re looking for a more strenuous trek, you could check out the Crockett Trail, a 3.25 mile trek that traverses the peninsula with wide-open views.

    Another hiking worthy of note is the Uwharrie Trail, a 3.4 mile jaunt that extends from the Jumping Off Rock Trailhead to the farthest point north. This one is a bit trickier, as it involves a series of rocky ridges and babbling brooks before you reach the top of Little Long Mountain, the highest point of elevation in the area. The shortest route from the trailhead to the summit takes roughly 30 minutes.

    The best part about the Uwharrie is that it’s a natural surface trail, so you don’t need a four wheel drive to get to the trailhead. You’ll also be rewarded with a mountain-like hiking experience. The Uwharrie is also home to several waterfalls, including the ice-transforming Amadahy Waterfalls.

    You might also want to check out the Withlacoochee State Trail, a 5.3 mile stretch of paved trail that skirts the eastern shore of Lake Townsend. The Withlacoochee is a great place to view a number of native species, including red-breasted nuthatches and egrets. The trail also has a number of small waterfalls to see, most of which are easily missed.


    Located in northeast Greensboro, North Carolina, Lake Townsend is a great place to spend a day. It is a popular lake for boating, sailing and fishing. The lake is also a popular spot for boat rentals. Lake Townsend also offers fishing classes and a yacht club for those who want to learn more about sailing.

    Boating in Lake Townsend can be very exciting. The lake is home to popular fish species such as hybrid striped bass, bluegill, crappie and channel catfish. During the spring and summer, the Lake Townsend Yacht Club hosts sailing events, and the Lake Townsend Marina hosts boat rental services. In the fall and winter, a variety of interesting birds are often seen.

    The most popular birding spot is on the western side of the lake. The lake is usually deep on this side. You may see diving ducks. You may also see Ring-billed Gulls. In winter, you may see Hooded Mergansers. They sometimes gather in huge rafts.

    Another good spot for waterfowl is on the eastern side of the lake. You can see diving ducks and Great Blue Herons here. You may also see Cormorants and Ring-billed Gulls.

    In the spring and summer, Lake Townsend is an ideal location for fishing. You can also rent a rowboat or kayak. You will be required to comply with all posted regulations, including the maximum weight of each person. Boats must be parked ten feet from the lake bank. You will also be required to dispose of all trash in the designated containers.

    The marina is open 6 days a week. It is closed Wednesdays and Thursdays during the winter. Lake Townsend is closed from November to February. There are two boat ramps.

    Several trails provide excellent opportunities for bird watching. You can take a short hike on the Peninsula Trail, or visit the Osprey and Blue Heron trails. You can also visit Bryan Park, which is on the southeast side of the lake. There is also a swimming pool and nature center at this park.

    In the fall and winter, the waters of the lake are a breeding ground for a variety of birds. You will be able to see terns and gulls in the air, as well as over the fishing boats at the marina.

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