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    Lake Glenville is located in the state of , in the Jackson County, NC. 


    A Guide to Lake Glenville, NC

    If you’re looking for a vacation in North Carolina, you might be interested in visiting Lake Glenville. The lake is located near Cashiers, NC. It’s also close to Sylva, Dillsboro, and Western Carolina University. You can visit the lake, go boating, fish, or hike in the woods.

    26 miles of shoreline

    If you’re searching for a beautiful lake with breathtaking scenery, Lake Glenville, NC is the perfect place to visit. This 1,470-acre lake has 26 miles of shoreline and is home to three major waterfalls. Visitors can also swim, fish, or boat. The lake is located in Jackson County, approximately eight miles north of Cashiers, North Carolina.

    The lake is absolutely breathtaking no matter what time of year you visit. The lake’s 26 miles of shoreline provide plenty of opportunities for water sports and recreation. The lake also has three waterfalls – Mill Creek Falls, Norton Falls, and Hurricane Falls. These waterfalls are best viewed from the water. There are also public access areas and recreation areas on the north end of the lake.

    If you want to experience the beauty of the lake from a different perspective, try kayaking on Lake Glenville. You can explore its shoreline from a different vantage point, which makes this lake one of the most popular kayaking destinations in Western North Carolina. Several boat rental facilities offer kayak rentals for visitors.

    The area surrounding the lake is home to many communities and subdivisions. There are many things to do at this lake, including hiking, biking, and fishing. There are also three trout streams in the area, which provide opportunities for outdoor recreation. Whether you’re looking to build a home in the heart of nature, or simply want a relaxing vacation spot, Silver Creek Real Estate Group can help you find your perfect mountain lake home. Their brokers know the lake market like the back of their hands, and they know the best spots for fishing and scenic views.

    Three waterfalls

    You can’t beat three waterfalls, especially if you’re in the area. Lake Glenville is a natural reservoir about eight miles from Cashiers, NC, and sits at 3,494 feet above sea level. It was created in 1941 by damming the west fork of the Tuckasegee River in order to power a factory for wartime needs. Between 1951 and 2002, the lake was known as Thorpe Reservoir, and many maps still show it as such.

    Lake Glenville is the highest lake east of the Mississippi, and it has a surface area of 1,462 acres. Its 26 miles of pristine shoreline provide opportunities for boating, tubing, skiing, swimming, and fishing. This idyllic location is close to the historic resort village of Cashiers, and the lake is home to three waterfalls that are accessible by boat. While you’re out on the water, you can take a boat ride to Hurricane Falls, which is a popular spot for kayakers.

    The highest waterfall, High Falls, is just below the Lake Glenville dam. The falls are accessible year-round. Since the dam was built in 1941, Hurricane Creek is restricted from flowing over High Falls. Nevertheless, a few days of the year, the TVA releases water from the lake to let kayakers go down it. The resulting rush of water is a spectacular spectacle.

    High Falls is an ideal place to relax and watch the spectacular water flow from the lake. This waterfall is accessible by a short hike from the Pines Recreation Area, just a half mile away from the Glenville Dam. From there, you can take a gravel road along the lake’s shore.


    If you’re looking for a great place to go boating, Lake Glenville, NC is a great place to go. The lake is a reservoir formed in 1941 and is home to two boating access areas. The Pine Creek Boating Access Area and the Powerhouse Boating Access Area are located off Pine Creek Road and each feature a 15-foot boat ramp and a 100-foot floating boat dock. Both locations also have two handicap parking spaces and eight graveled parking areas.

    Lake Glenville is a man-made reservoir located in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The lake is 3,500 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest lakes east of the Mississippi River. This lake is a popular spot for boating because of its breathtaking surroundings. Visitors can bring their own boats or rent them from local marinas.

    Depending on the time of year, boating on Lake Glenville can be a beautiful experience. The fall colors on the lake are absolutely gorgeous. Astronauts have even observed the colors from space! The water is calm and tranquil, making this a great place to take a leisurely boat ride. During fall, Lake Glenville Boat Tours offer an opportunity to experience the lake and enjoy the beauty of nature.

    Lake Glenville is also a great place to go fishing. It has a wide variety of fish that include bass and smallmouth bass. Other fish species that call Lake Glenville home include rainbow trout, bluegill, and black crappie.


    Lake Glenville is a great destination for anyone interested in fishing. This recreational lake is located in Cashiers, NC and is close to Sylva, Dillsboro, and Western Carolina University. Its waterfalls provide a scenic backdrop for fishing, and gamefish live in the water. Smallmouth bass and largemouth bass are commonly found in the water and are great for targeting with a variety of baits. Slow-moving finesse rigs and silver-colored spoons are excellent choices for these fish.

    This beautiful reservoir is 8 miles from Cashiers, NC and has 26 miles of shoreline. There are a variety of fish species in the lake, including smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, and walleye. The water temperature is cold at this lake, ensuring better oxygenation for the fish that live here. The water is deep and clear, with steep banks and a sandy bottom.

    Lake Glenville has an abundance of smallmouth bass and blueback herring, making it a great place to catch a variety of fish. The lake is the deepest lake in the state, and has a dense population of shad. Gizzard shad are the main food source for bass, trout, and bream, and you can catch one on occasion!

    Lake Glenville has 26 miles of shoreline, 7 islands, and three waterfalls. Its maximum depth is 130 feet. The lake is a great place to catch walleye, and jigging is the preferred method for catching them. Walleye in the six to seven-pound range are common, but bigger ones can also be caught. Lake Glenville is also home to several smallmouth bass, which can range from two to four pounds.


    Lake Glenville is a beautiful reservoir, situated only 8 miles from Cashiers, NC. The lake boasts 26 miles of shoreline and three waterfalls. The lake is one of the highest elevation lakes east of the Mississippi and has plenty to offer outdoor enthusiasts. This quaint lakefront town is also home to several interesting shops and historic churches.

    As part of a relicensing initiative, both Lake Glenville and Thorpe Dam will undergo a variety of enhancements. These will include new day-use facilities, enhanced water level management, and new sanitary facilities for recreation. In addition, plans call for the construction of a public swimming area with a beach. Additionally, Duke Energy has committed to lowering lake levels by 10 feet during winter months to protect downstream residents.

    Anglers and boaters will enjoy fishing the lake’s healthy populations of largemouth and smallmouth bass. Other popular species include rainbow trout, black crappie, and channel catfish. You can also enjoy a day of kayak fishing. There are several public boat launch ramps available for those who want to go kayak fishing.

    Lake Glenville is an absolutely gorgeous lake in any season. With over 26 miles of shoreline and three waterfalls, the lake is a scenic destination. It features Mill Creek Falls, Norton Falls, and Hurricane Falls, which can be viewed only from the water. The lake also has a public access and recreation area on the north end of the lake.


    If you’re looking for a great place for summer vacations, look no further than Lake Glenville, North Carolina. Nestled between Cashiers and Sylva, it’s less than two hours from Greenville and offers plenty of hiking, fishing, and other outdoor recreation. You’ll also find great restaurants here, as well as some amazing outdoor dining options.

    The lake itself is beautiful no matter what season it is. It features a pristine reservoir with 26 miles of shoreline and three waterfalls that can be seen only from the lake. You can enjoy a day boating, skiing, or tubing or just relaxing by the shore. To rent pontoon boats or lake sports equipment, check out Signal Ridge Marine on Highway 107.

    Visitors to Lake Glenville can also take advantage of the park’s swimming area, which includes a swim beach, fishing pier, and toilets. There’s also a picnic area, complete with picnic tables, which make for a great family outing. All three of these areas are handicap accessible, so no matter your physical condition, you’re sure to find a great place to relax.

    Lake Glenville is the highest lake east of the Mississippi River. The lake has three public boat launches and one marina. In addition to its water sports opportunities, Lake Glenville is also home to many beautiful luxury homes and lake cabins. If you’re looking for a place to call your own, consider purchasing a property in the area.

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