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    Lake Adger is located in the state of , in the Polk County, NC. 

    This lake has a surface area of about 371 acres.


    Lake Adger is located in Polk County, North Carolina.

    A Guide to Lake Adger, NC

    If you love the beauty of the mountains and want to explore a lakeside community, consider visiting Lake Adger, NC. This community is tucked away in the mountains, but still feels accessible enough to be a day trip from any location. There’s a large campground and a few vacation cabins, so there’s plenty to do if you want to stay on the lake.

    It has been stocked with Muskies

    Lake Adger is a privately owned lake in northern Georgia, with 438 acres of surface water and 14.5 miles of private shoreline. It has a pristine mountain backdrop and offers excellent fishing. Recreational boating is allowed, but there are some restrictions. Boats can only have an 80-horsepower engine and jet skis are prohibited. The lake is stocked with Muskies and Muskellunge every fall. The fish average eight to 18 inches in length.

    Despite their name, Muskellunge are not a typical sport fish. They are elusive creatures with needle-sharp teeth and can weigh up to 50 pounds. The species is native to the Ohio River and Lake Erie watersheds in northwestern Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission also stocks muskies in nearby waters.

    Muskies are a popular sportfish in the Pennsylvania region. Almost the entire river is stocked with muskies, and the North Branch of the river from New York state to Pennsylvania is the most productive. This area contains all types of habitat for muskies. The shallow weedy areas serve as nurseries for juvenile fish, while deeper pools are home to larger muskies. Muskies also prefer areas with weak current. These include backwaters, side channels, and river islands.

    Aside from Lake Adger, Pennsylvania also has several other lakes and rivers that have been stocked with muskies. These waters are home to some of the biggest muskie in the state. Those looking for a unique catch should head to the Monongahela River. Its pristine waters are known for producing 40-plus muskies.

    It has a dam

    A small stream flows into Lake Adger, and a huge home sits on a hill overlooking the lake. Boaters can use pontoons for access to the lake, but there are no jet skis allowed. Paddlers can enjoy the lake. The lake is not a popular place to go fishing, but it is perfect for swimming.

    Polk County is moving forward with plans to purchase Lake Adger from Northbrook Energy, which is already using it for hydroelectric power. The county is putting a down payment of about ten percent of the purchase price. The purchase includes the 420-acre lake, as well as the hydroelectric dam. Northbrook Energy will continue to use the dam to generate electricity, but Polk County plans to transition to green energy. Water rates will be set at minimum amounts allowed by state law, and based on average household income.

    Lake Adger is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and is not far from Lake Lure and the Hendersonville/Asheville area. It is also within easy driving distance of Tryon Resort and Columbus, NC. Despite being a rural community, Lake Adger is near popular vacation destinations, and is convenient for shopping and fine dining. There are also several major interstates nearby, so people who live in Lake Adger can access many other parts of the country easily.

    As a result, the Turner Shoals Dam is in need of repair. The 90-year-old dam is a source of pride for Polk County, and a supplemental appropriation from the state would greatly benefit the community. This would ease the financial burden on Polk County, which owns the dam, operating plant, and lake bed. The county has assumed all costs associated with the dam’s upkeep until now.

    Lake Adger offers 14 miles of pristine shoreline, which is rare in today’s world. Its lake-front residential and resort communities were carefully developed to protect the environment. Developers have even implemented certain restrictions to ensure the lake is safe for residents and property owners alike. In addition, these communities offer privacy, convenience, and value to their residents.

    It has a lakeside community

    The community of Lake Adger is located about 20 miles southeast of Hendersonville, NC. The community is famous for its beautiful lakeside properties and equestrian facilities. The town is home to over 14 miles of private shoreline. The lake is regularly stocked with Muskies by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources.

    Visitors can enjoy the peaceful surroundings at the lake or venture a little further to hike Chimney Rock. The lake is free for recreational use and is ideal for paddling adventures. Although the lake has no campgrounds, it is close to Lake James State Park, a 6,812-acre reservoir located 50 miles southwest of Asheville.

    Residents of the Lake Adger community enjoy the tranquility of living near the lake, which is rare in today’s modern world. This pristine lakeside community was developed by developers in harmony with nature, and has numerous amenities. There are miles of walking and nature trails, underground utilities, and paved streets. The homes in Lake Adger offer privacy, convenience, and value.

    Can you swim in Lake Adger?

    Lake Adger offers

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    Map of Lake Adger, NC

    Lake Acreage:

    371 Acres