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    Hyco Lake is located in the state of , in the Caswell County, NC. 

    This lake has a surface area of about 4163 acres.


    About Hyco Lake Person and Caswell CountiesHyco Lake is in the far northern region of North Carolina, near the North Carolina-Virginia border.The lake is just 10 miles west of Roxboro. The city is convenient for restaurants, shops, Person Memorial hospital, and schools.Raleigh-Durham is just an hour’s drive south if you are looking for a larger city scene. It also includes the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.A Beautiful ExpanseFed by Hyco Creek, South Hyco Creek, and Cobbs Creek, Hyco Lake boasts clean, clear waters. The lake spans 3,750 acres and has 120 miles of shoreline.Because large areas of the shoreline are undeveloped, the mountainous views are spectacular. Residents can see deer, geese, beaver, and ducks throughout the year.All Sorts of Lake EnjoymentSince its construction in 1965, Hyco Lake has been a popular host of aquatic activities. Boating, water skiing, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming are regular activities.Anglers come to the lake for excellent catches of bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish, sauger, and walleye. Several fishing tournaments are held on the lake throughout the year.Person Caswell Recreation Park includes a swimming beach, boat ramp, campground, and bathhouse. Hyco Lake Marina and Buoys Bar & Grill are off the Semora Road Bridge.Explore RaleighAs the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh has lots to do and see!Pullen Park was the first public park in North Carolina and remains a great place for families and young children to enjoy the day outside. This park offers paddle boat rentals, carousel rides, playgrounds, train rides, and more!Raleigh is home to many museums such as the North Carolina Museum of Art, Museum of Natural Sciences, and the Marbles Kids Museum.Another great way to see Raleigh is by exploring downtown. Here, you will find amazing and delicious dining options such as Jimmy V’s Osteria + Bar, Mulino Italian Kitchen & Bar, and 10th & Terrace for drinks overlooking the pretty city lights.Raleigh also offers a great shopping scene, so be sure to visit Crabtree Valley Mall or North Hills.A Dream of a LifeHyco Lake is the first-choice location for lake-lovers, anglers, and nature enthusiasts alike.

    A Guide to Hyco Lake, NC

    A guide to Hyco Lake, North Carolina includes its beautiful neighborhoods and communities. These communities feature large estate style lots and custom-built homes from some of the best custom home builders. Each community has strict architectural guidelines for homes and takes care to maintain the natural environment. For example, the subdivisions have deed restrictions to protect the lake and preserve the surrounding landscape.

    Nature/walking trail

    The nature/walking trail at Hyco Lake, North Carolina, is a great place to spend the day in the woods and enjoy the scenery. This lake is located in a beautiful region in northern North Carolina and is a great place for hiking, mountain biking, and bird watching. There are many trails surrounding the lake, including one that skirts around the North Carolina-Virginia border. There are also several primitive campsites and a community house.

    There are many different places to hike and fish at Hyco Lake, including a one-mile nature/walking trail. The lake is also home to plenty of fish, including Bass, bluegill, and crappie. This lake is very popular during the summer and can become quite crowded on weekends.

    Hyco Lake is a 3,750-acre reservoir with 120 miles of shoreline. It was named for the Native American word “hicotaminy,” which means “great turkey buzzard.” Visiting the lake and its surrounding park will provide you with a chance to see the birds and wildlife of this peaceful area. The parks also provide camping, boating, and boardwalks.

    The Nature/walking trail at Hyco Lake is open to the public, but the park has strict rules about the use of the land. Landowners are required to replace fallen trees and weeds, and they must not interfere with the habitat of fur-bearing animals. Duke Energy is charged with enforcing these regulations.

    Grassy Creek Vineyard and Isaac’s Trailhead are both nearby. There are some great spots for hiking in this area. You can even find an old mill and picnic area at this beautiful lake. You can even try fishing at Hyco Lake while enjoying the natural beauty of the area.


    Hyco Lake is a beautiful recreational lake that is ideally suited for people who like to go boating and fishing. It has over 12 miles of shoreline and over 3,750 acres of surface area. It features several marinas, public boat launches, and one restaurant. The lake is also ideal for swimming and water skiing. Various species of fish are found in the lake.

    Hyco Lake has warm water throughout the year. The lake is home to a thriving crappie and bass fishery. It also contains a large variety of sunfish and catfish. During the winter, fishing in Hyco can be particularly enjoyable. It’s not uncommon to find fish weighing over 5 pounds, with the occasional lunker weighing in at eight pounds. It is also a great place for camping, with several campgrounds near the lake.

    The lake contains 25 billion gallons of water. In an area near the power plant, the foundation of an old house is visible through the water. Even in 2007 when the drought hit the area, boaters were able to see the foundation. There are also two islands nearby. While the power plant does not use these islands, boaters are unsure of why they are located so close to the foundation. Furthermore, the power plant has four dormant smoke stacks. Thankfully, the new stacks are more environmentally-friendly.

    The lake is also home to beautiful communities along its shore. Many of these homes are custom built and feature large estate style lots. The communities have taken steps to protect the natural surroundings and have home architectural guidelines in place. In addition, the lake is also subject to subdivision deed restrictions to keep the lake pristine and safe.

    Authorities are examining the circumstances surrounding the fatality. The man and woman were in a boat when they were lost. Authorities have identified them based on papers found in the boat. The man is believed to be between 50 and 60 years old. The bodies have not yet been found, but search crews will continue the search. Currently, the lake is 15 to 20 feet deep.


    Hyco Lake, NC is home to a multitude of activities and events for visitors. The lake has a surface area of 3,750 acres and over 100 miles of shoreline. It was filled after Hurricane Hilda in 65 and offers visitors the opportunity to experience a wide range of outdoor activities. This lake offers excellent fishing opportunities for Bass and Crappie and has hosted many fishing tournaments throughout the years. The lake’s warm water is an added bonus for fishing enthusiasts.

    Hyco Lake was originally constructed as a cooling reservoir for steam electric generating units of the Duke Energy Company. The lake was filled by overflow water during Hurricane Hilda in 1964. The lake is located in Person and Caswell counties and is regulated by the N.C. Natural Resources Department. It also contains over 1400 residential homes that have been built around the lake’s shoreline.

    Hyco Lake is an area that offers camping and boating opportunities. The lake is named after a Native American word that means “great turkey buzzard.” Visitors can also explore the lake by using the park’s six boat ramps and boardwalks. The lake offers a variety of water sports, from kayaking to fishing.

    The lake’s many recreational opportunities make it a popular destination for families. It features over 12 miles of shoreline and over 3750 acres of water. Several public boat launches are located on the lake, and there are also two marinas and a restaurant on the lake. Visitors can enjoy a variety of water activities at Hyco Lake, including swimming, jet skiing, and water skiing. There are also several lodging options nearby. Visitors can find RV campsites, primitive campsites, and lakeside cottages.

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