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    Hiwassee Lake is located in the state of , in the Cherokee County, NC. 

    This lake has a surface area of about 6000 acres.


    A Guide to Hiwassee Lake in North Carolina

    Whether you want to relax on the shores of a lake or enjoy a hike on a trail, you will find a host of options at Hiwassee Lake in North Carolina. This lake is located on the mountains of the Piedmont region and is home to plenty of beautiful beaches and hiking trails. It is also a great place for boating and fishing.

    Accommodations in Hiawassee

    Located in Towns County, Georgia, Hiawassee is the county seat. It is a great base for exploring this beautiful part of the state, and is also home to the Georgia Mountain Fair. The fair has a number of venues, and offers year round camping. The Fair is a great way to spend a day, or two. Hiawassee is home to many of the major outdoor activities in the area, and is just two hours away from Atlanta. It is also close to Hayesville, North Carolina, which is famous for its golf courses and lakes. Hiawassee is also home to the Appalachian Trail, one of the world’s most famous hiking trails.

    There are a number of Hiawassee hotels, including the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. It is undergoing a full renovation in 2022. You may also want to consider a vacation rental, such as a cabin, which provides a more personalized experience. A vacation rental also allows you to take advantage of the area’s natural beauty. Hiawassee, Georgia offers many of the same perks and amenities of a larger town, while also providing a little bit of privacy and solitude.

    You may also want to consider the resorts and cabins that are located along the lake’s shoreline. These include full service resorts, charming cabins and campgrounds. Whether you are planning a family reunion, or want to get away from the city, you are sure to find a place to stay. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel, a rustic cabin, or an RV park, you are sure to find what you need in the area.

    Hiawassee, Georgia also happens to have the highest population in the state. There are many things to do in this area, including catching the Georgia Mountain Fair.

    Recreational activities

    Located in North Georgia, the lake has a claimed shoreline of 133 miles. Its most notable tributaries are the Hiwassee, Nottely and Valley rivers, which provide much of its water. The dam, built by the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1940, is the largest overspill dam in the world. The lake is home to a bevy of fish including crappie, bass, and perch. Boating is a pastime for the region’s aficionados, and the area boasts several marinas. Depending on your budget, you can choose from a plethora of high-end charter cruises, to budget friendly day and weeklong trips.

    The lake is also home to a host of other activities, most notably mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking. The Nantahala National Forest beckons. The forest is home to some of the most pristine forests in the country, making for some of the finest hiking trails in the state. The trailhead is a short walk from the lake, making it easy to get your daily dose of nature. The park offers a handful of cabins and camping options, including the aptly named Hanging Dog Recreation Area. A visit to this part of the state is a must for those seeking the quintessential outdoor experience. The best part about a trip to Hiwassee Lake is the chance to take in the spectacular scenery. The best time to go is during off-season, when the lake is at its most pristine. Those seeking a dose of nature may want to look at a real estate listing of Chatuge Lakefront properties. A real estate agent will be more than happy to discuss your needs and show you the right spots for your next hike, bike or kayak.


    Whether you’re looking for a fishing guide for the river or a fishing guide for Lake Hiwassee, NC, there are plenty of options for you. Choosing a guide is a great way to learn about a new fishing spot. Each guide has something to teach you, whether it’s new lures or fishing technique.

    Hiwassee Lake, NC is home to large bass and catfish. The lake is also known for its blueback herring, which are perfect for game fish. Using a depth finder is essential when fishing in this lake.

    The upper section of the Hiwassee River features big shoals, deep runs, and excellent fish habitat. It’s an ideal spot for anglers new to fly fishing. The river is also home to a variety of browns and rainbows. Whether you want a day of trout fishing or a day of big stripers, the Hiwassee River has a lot to offer.

    The Hiwassee River is a great place to take corporate outings. It’s only a few hours drive from major cities like Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Asheville. It’s also a great place to take a fly fishing trip. During the summer, the river is a hot spot for striped bass. The river is protected by the State Wild and Scenic River Association.

    There are three marinas that offer full marina services. If you’re interested in a fishing guide, you can find a guide who specializes in a particular type of fish or who specializes in fishing the upper portion of the river.

    The Hiwassee Tailwater section of the river is a 21-mile-long stretch of water that flows from the Apalachia Powerhouse. It’s home to an abundance of whitewater and excellent fish habitat. It’s also a popular spot for trophy stripers.


    Besides its size and location, Lake Hiwassee is also home to many awe-inspiring and awe-inspiring things. One of the most impressive feats of the Tennessee Valley Authority is the construction of a ginormous dam that produces a hefty 6,000 acres of water. The dam’s oomph factor is high as the water is pumped from an aquifer in the mountains to the tune of over 50 billion gallons per year. The dam is a masterpiece in its own right and the resulting water quality is nothing short of stellar. In fact, one of the world’s best trout fisheries has a home base on the lake. The lake is home to several other trophy fish such as striped bass, largemouth bass and white bass.

    In short, the lake is a surprisingly large, well-managed and well-maintained waterway that abounds with things to do and see. Although it is surrounded by nearly half a million acres of US Forest Service property, only 7% of that land is developed for humans. The lake is home to several notable aquatic species, including the black crappie and white bass aficionados. The lake is also home to a couple of notable fisheries that are not for the faint of heart.

    Boating on Hiwassee is a lot of fun. Fortunately, the lake is also home to several notable marinas, three of which are actually on the lake. Although the Lake Hiwassee is not a fishing hole in and of itself, it is a great place to fish if you can get out of the house. The lake’s waters are navigable with the exception of one or two large watercraft. The lake’s aforementioned waterways are home to numerous public boat launches and campgrounds.

    Hiking trails

    Whether you’re looking for an easy walk along the river or a challenging mountain bike ride, you can find some amazing hiking trails at Hiwassee Lake, NC. The area is filled with pristine trails, breathtaking views of the mountains, and leafy forests dotted with wildflowers.

    The Valley River flows through wetlands and hardwood forests. The area is surrounded by the Snowbird Mountains to the north, and the Tusquitee Mountains and Valley River Mountains to the south. During the spring and summer, wildflowers cover the trail with pops of color.

    The Hiwassee Dam Reservation is a great place to enjoy a picnic, hike, or enjoy the lake. The dam features a visitor’s overlook with restrooms and a pavilion. There is also a boat ramp. Lake Hiwassee is open to boating, kayaking, and swimming.

    The Lake Chatuge Recreation Area is a popular spot for boaters and hikers. The trail provides stunning views of the lake’s shoreline, and the surrounding pine and hardwood forest. The trail is a short loop that is easy to navigate. It arcs to the northeast, and provides great views of lakeside homes.

    The Benton MacKaye Trail is a sister trail to the Appalachian Trail. It runs along the boundary between Cherokee County, NC and Monroe County, TN. The trail is popular with mountain bikers and adventurous hikers.

    The Ramsey Bluff Trail System offers eight miles of moderately difficult mountain bike trails. You can find the trailhead at the USFS Hanging Dog Recreation Area, which is a little over five miles from Murphy. The Ramsey Bluff Trail System offers incredible views of Hiwassee Lake.

    The Benton MacKaye Loop Trail is another popular trail. It travels along the crest of the Unicoi Mountains.

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