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    Crystal Lake is located in the state of , in the Moore County, NC. 

    This lake has a surface area of about 57 acres.


    A Guide to Crystal Lake, NC

    If you’re planning a visit to Crystal Lake, North Carolina, you may want to learn more about the place’s history and unique features. Listed below are some facts about the area and directions to get there. This article also includes some useful information about Crystal Lake Cave, a popular attraction in the area.

    Areas without residences

    When you visit the town of Crystal Lake, NC, you’ll notice that there are a number of empty lots. The town’s town beach and marshy cove are the only places without residences. The surrounding area is largely undeveloped, and the road Rte. 30 runs along the lake’s northern shore.

    Directions to the area

    If you are interested in fishing or boating, then Crystal Lake is the right place for you. This lake in Moore County is home to many kinds of fish. Some of them include smallmouth bass, white perch, and perch. Anglers can also enjoy fishing on this lake using baitcasting or fly fishing.

    When planning a fishing trip to Crystal Lake, NC, you may want to consider visiting the nearby towns and beaches. There are several places within a hundred-mile radius of the town. The closest is Bethania, North Carolina. The table below lists the locations of these nearby towns and their distances from Crystal Lake.

    Another option is to take the train. Amtrak runs a train service between Crystal Lake and Winston-Salem. The trip takes about 29 hours, and you can get a discounted ticket starting at 133 USD. If you’re not interested in taking a train, there are also a few other alternatives that you can choose from.

    Location of the area

    The Crystal Lake is a reservoir in Moore County, NC. It is located near the town of Lakeview, NC. Anglers who visit the lake will find a variety of fish. Some of the most common fish found at Crystal Lake are perch, white bass, and smallmouth bass. Anglers can choose from various fishing methods, such as fly fishing or baitcasting.

    In the early 20th century, Crystal Lake was a recreational facility for the locals. It had a swimming pool, a boating lake, a fishing lake, a pavilion, and a bath house. The recreation center was a hub for two generations of Winston-Salem residents. In the 1950s, it was also home to a water wheel. However, it was removed later due to insurance costs.

    There are many options for apartment living in Crystal Lake. The Corners at Crystal Lake offers spacious open-concept one and two-bedroom units with a fully equipped kitchen. These units also feature a convenient serving bar. They also have a walk-in closet and high-speed Internet. Some of the units also have wood burning fireplaces.

    Information about Crystal Lake Cave

    There are several ways to find out information about Crystal Lake Cave. This well-lit cave complex offers guided tours and features a gift shop. There’s also a fossil and gem-mining area for children. Alternatively, you can explore the cave on your own. Whatever your interest, you’ll be delighted to find out more about this natural wonder.

    The cave was formed over two million years ago, and is still growing. It is full of stalagmites, stalactites, helictites, and anthodites, which are clusters of needle-like crystals. Tours are led by knowledgeable guides who explain the formations and give interesting facts.

    The cave is one level and features many narrow passages that are approximately two meters high. There are speleothem in the cave, as well as a gift shop filled with beautiful souvenirs. The cave can be visited anytime of the year, although it can get busy on weekends. Before visiting, consider booking your tour in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Crystal Lake Cave is located just 15 miles from Dubuque, Iowa. It offers stunning geological formations and is perfect for a family adventure. Reservations are required for the Crystal Lake Cave Wild Cave Tour. James Rice was the first to explore the cave. He discovered the cave’s incredible collection of crystals. At first, the only way to explore the cave was to use a bucket that was lowered down a 45-foot shaft. Since that time, tours have been conducted in the cave.

    Tours last about an hour and a half and involve ducking and sideways walking. Tour guides are knowledgeable and entertaining. A Wild Tour is an adventurous spelunk’s delight, and takes visitors through narrow, unexcavated passageways. The tour lasts about an hour and a half and is a thrill for the intrepid. A tour guide is required to provide adequate information about the cave’s features.

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    Map of Crystal Lake, NC

    Lake Acreage:

    57 Acres