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    Belews Lake is located in the state of , in the Forsyth County, NC. 

    This lake has a surface area of about 3679 acres.


    A Guide to Belews Lake, NC

    If you’ve never visited Belews Lake in North Carolina, you’re missing out. It’s an idyllic lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Located just outside of Asheville, it’s a gorgeous spot for a day trip or weekend getaway. There’s something for everyone at Belews Lake, including great fishing, beautiful scenery, and a quaint village.

    Fisherman’s guide

    Located near the intersection of Guilford, Stokes, and Rockingham counties, Belews Lake, NC, is one of the premier largemouth bass lakes in the state. This lake has a constant influx of hot water from a power generating station along the shoreline, keeping bass active and in season. Anglers can find bass from six feet deep to twenty-five feet deep in the lake.

    One of the best times to fish for bass is late fall or early winter. The lake has several shoal buoys and several good spots for casting a topwater bait. A small crankbait is another great bait to try. The water temperature is also relatively warm during this time.

    When fishing in North Carolina, always be aware of the regulations. You’ll want to know when you can fish and how many fish you’re allowed to keep. The regulations can change throughout the year. Make sure you check with the locals to learn more about the regulations that apply to you.


    Belews Lake is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in north central North Carolina. It spans from Stokesdale to Rockingham, and is about 30 miles north of Charlotte. This area is home to numerous forests, waterfalls, and streams. You can also spot wildlife in the area, including deer, elk, and coyotes.

    Belews Creek flows into the lake, and a dam and bridge sits at the mouth of the creek. It is accessible by North Carolina Highway 65 and U.S. Route 158. The lake is popular with boaters, and the Carolina Marina has a grill and boat sales and service facilities.

    The water is pristine, with clear waters and a variety of water sports. The water is also great for fishing. The lake was once home to a coal-fired power station. The plant had a storage tank, which was used for cooling water for the power plant’s steam generators and for other industrial uses. This storage tank is 1.50 meters high. Belews Lake has several dams around it.

    Belews Lake is a 3,863-acre lake near the intersection of four counties. While it is not a major reservoir, it is a popular destination for boaters, anglers, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. It is also home to a variety of animals, including loons, beavers, and Canada geese during the winter.

    The lake is home to a few beautiful communities on the shore. There are two marinas on the lake, and four public boat launches. The lake is open for water sports, jet skis, and swimming. You can even enjoy the view from the second-floor deck of your lakefront home.

    Water temperature

    While most lakes in North Carolina are chilly in the winter, the water temperature at Belews Lake remains comfortably warm throughout the year. This results in a longer growing season for fish. This 3,863-acre lake is in the northwest region of the state, so it’s ideal for freshwater fishing during the winter months. The lake’s water temperature is 52 to 55 degrees on average.

    The water temperature at Belews Lake is generally warmer than other lakes in the area, but the water temperature can still reach 104 degrees during summertime. Because of its location as a cooling source for Belews Creek Steam Station, the lake stays significantly warmer than other lakes in the area. For this reason, it’s a popular destination for families with children.

    Belews Lake, North Carolina is a reservoir that was created by the Duke Energy corporation in 1973. It was used as a cooling basin for the coal-fired Belews Creek Steam Station. The power plant’s waste contaminated the lake with vanadium, nickel, barium, cobalt, and arsenic.

    Bass fishing at Belews Lake is excellent. The lake’s clarity makes it easy for anglers to locate their quarry. Bass at Belews Lake are often caught in depths that are impossible to reach with conventional methods. However, most fish are taken in 25 to 40 feet of water. In such shallow waters, drop-shot fishing is the best method. It requires light spinning tackle with small hooks.

    Selenium contamination

    In the late 1970s, the lake near Belews, North Carolina, suffered severe selenium contamination. It decimated 19 of the 20 species of fish that lived there, causing deformities and reproductive failure. Fortunately, Duke Energy stopped sending wastewater into the lake in 1986, but selenium continues to accumulate in the lake’s sediment and moves through the food chain.

    The first scientific study to document the effects of selenium contamination in a freshwater lake was performed in Belews Lake, NC. In this study, researchers found elevated levels of selenium in fish eggs. These fish developed deformities and suffered lowered immune systems. They also showed elevated lymphocyte counts and hematocrit levels. Selenium has also been found in the liver, heart, and kidney tissue of fish.

    Selenium is naturally occurring in the environment and exists in various forms. It can be found in surface waters in low concentrations. However, selenium has also been found to be a contaminant in some bodies of water, particularly those that are near coal-fired power plants. Selenium is an essential trace element that is needed for thyroid and immune function, as well as oxidative defense.

    Duke Energy, the state of North Carolina, and the coal-fired power plant in Belews Lake are responsible for the contamination of the lake. Fortunately, the Clean Water Act held Duke Energy responsible and required them to clean up. North Carolina also used its legal powers to require changes in the power plant. Selenium contamination has killed 17 of the lake’s 20 fish species and has prompted the government to act on the problem.

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