Best Lakes in North Carolina to Live on

Best lakes in North Carolina to live on

Whether you are looking for a vacation or a permanent residence, North Carolina has a lake that will meet your needs. There are several lakes in North Carolina, but a few stand out among the rest.

Fontana Lake

Located in Western North Carolina, Fontana Lake is a man-made lake. It was created when the Fontana Dam was constructed. It has an elevation of approximately 1,710 feet.

Lake Fontana offers great fishing, swimming, and boating. It is home to a variety of game fish including sunfish, crappie, bass, white bass, and catfish. It also has many islands that were formed by former mountain peaks.

The lake is also home to deer, otters, bobcats, and black bears. Its shoreline is largely undeveloped, making it a good place for fishing, boating, and swimming. It also offers some of the best walleye fishing in the state.

The lake has been named a top fishery by the Fisherman’s Bass Tournament Circuit. It has been stocked with walleye in the 1970s.

The lake is also home to muskie, brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout. The water is cold and deep, providing excellent fishing opportunities. During spring runs, fish will swim upstream looking for river mouths to spawn.

Lake Norman

Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or are looking for a new place to call home, Lake Norman has plenty to offer. It is one of the largest manmade lakes in North Carolina and is surrounded by four neighboring counties.

One of the best reasons to visit Lake Norman is the array of activities available. The lake is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and those looking to spend a few hours relaxing on the shoreline. There are plenty of marinas, boathouses, and boat access points to choose from.

The Pines Recreation Area is a great place to take a dip in the lake. There is a sandy beach, picnic tables, and bathrooms. The area also offers a nice view of the fall foliage.

Lake Norman State Park is a great spot to go for a picnic, hiking, or camping. The area also has eight public boat ramps. For those who like to sleep under the stars, there are also tent camping sites.

Lake Hiwassee

Located on the Hiwassee River in Murphy, North Carolina, Lake Hiwassee is one of the most popular lakes in the state. In addition to being a popular destination for recreation, the lake also provides great fishing for anglers.

The lake’s waters contain a wide variety of fish, including walleye, bass, and yellow perch. The lake has many coves that provide great fishing opportunities.

Aside from fishing, there are other outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by visitors. Visitors can take part in water sports such as swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and sailing. There are also several marinas to choose from. Some of the marinas have full services and can provide boats for rent. Boaters love spending a whole day on the lake.

In addition to Lake Hiwassee, there are other lakes in the North Carolina area that provide visitors with similar recreational opportunities. These lakes are referred to as the “Chain of Lakes.” Lake Chatuge is a beautiful lake, located in the Nantahala National Forest. Its shoreline is 180 miles long, and visitors can access the lake through campgrounds and resorts.

Lake Santeetlah

Located in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains, Lake Santeetlah is an ideal destination for fishing, swimming, and paddling. It is also a great place to relax. The lake is known for its wildlife and is protected from development.

The lake has four major boat access points. It is also surrounded by a national forest, which protects it from commercial development. Lake Santeetlah has a good population of bream, crappie, and largemouth bass. A popular sport fish is walleye.

There are 76 miles of shoreline on Lake Santeetlah. 80 percent of the shoreline is protected as national forest. The Cheoah District of the Nantahala National Forest is located around the lake.

Lake Santeetlah is one of the most unspoiled lakes in the southern United States. It is located in Graham County, North Carolina. The shoreline is mostly protected from development and offers fishing year-round. It has a population of fish that include lake trout, lake whitefish, walleye, and crappie.

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